Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer's fadin' fast

It's the beginning of the last full week of June, only 3 days after the first day of summer, and I feel like summer's already almost over. Between travel for work, upcoming vacation, and my sister's impending wedding in the fall, my time is booked up! It's pretty frustrating.

On the upside, it means we are all that closer to the most important time of year: college football season! Be prepared: my mood in the fall is make or break depending on how the University of Alabama Crimson Tide does the previous Saturday. In my house, we're counting down the days until August 31, opening day!

Here's a few photos I made available on A Wonderful World. I didn't have any takers on the 2 promotions below, so those are still up for grabs. And time is running out on free shipping -- deadline is next Monday the 30th at midnight.

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CrimsonWorld said...

If your waiting for 8/31/08 opening day then I think you'll be by yourself at the Georgia Dome!

Sure hope ya don't miss the game with your family!

Being a Tide Fan I sure Hope ya'll get your calendar fixed!