Friday, June 13, 2008

Help the Critters

I love animals. All kinds of animals. I want to rescue every stray cat/dog/squirrel/turtle/pony that I come across. I blame my mother.

Since I have a small house, a smaller yard, a husband with limited tolerance and a cat with no tolerance, I have to find other ways to help the critters.

One of the coolest ways I've found to help was by joining the Etsy For Animals street team. They have a blog and a store, where all the profits benefit a different animal charity each month. Alot of the members also donate some to all profits to animal charities. You can find etsy sellers who are members by searching for "team efa" on etsy.

You can also click the box for the Animal Rescue Site, or donate to the Big Cat Rescue, right here on my blog. We visited Big Cat Rescue, located in Tampa, Florida, last month. They provide a lifetime of care for over 200 big cats that they have rescued. It's a great place with a nearly all volunteer staff. I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.

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