Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Need Your Help (and a prize)

I want YOU to help me out! I can't decide which two photos to make available next on A Wonderful World

Help me decide by leaving me a comment and letting me know your favorite photo from the 4. The 10th comment will receive a special surprise!

Rhino Love



Voting will close Thursday, June 12 at 8 am Central.

6 Tell me what you think:

Harley Dee said...

I saw you on Etsy forums. I'm hdartistics over there. I figured I'd get you started :)

I like the rhinos and the beach chairs :)

Anonymous said...

Rhinos and the hands


Princess Caitlin said...

Rhinos and the beach chairs!
The chairs are my favorite, though.

CaitiJo from Etsy

kiddlebug said...

I vote for the rhinos!

Rock 'N Silver said...

I like the flamingo the best, I think...

Claudia said...

I personally like the Rhino Love photo. You just don't see many rhinos in photos. They are such tough wild animals, I think your photo represents such a sweet and calm side to them. Good luck!