Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We have a Winner!

Have you ever won anything? I have. I won a ceramic Easter egg at a church luncheon one time. And I won a cruise, but my sister put my name in the drawing because she was too young to be eligible, so I don't know if that counts really. The first time my future husband and I went to Las Vegas, it seemed like I won every game I touched. But I knew to quit while I was ahead, so we didn't exactly come back millionaires.

Alot of times, I feel like I'm not lucky at all. But then I look around at all I have, my family, my husband, my cat, and I see that I really am lucky after all.

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Noelia said...

Seems like you're lucky for sure. I can't say that of myself. I've never really won anything big except little drawings here and there. TFS

Lily said...

Lucky you, I couldn't get arrested in Vegas.....well I almost got arrested but that's a story i only share with my therapist.

Krissynae said...

Wow a cruise. Your sister's luck worked out in our favor. You need to go back to Vegas and see if your previous streek continues.