Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traumatic experience of the day

I HATE roaches!!! I cannot stress to you enough how I despise these vermin. They are disgusting and whenever I see one, dead or alive, I climb on top of whatever piece of furniture is nearby and scream like a girl (OK, I am a girl, but you get the picture). So imagine the scene just a few minutes ago when, sitting at my computer at work, innocently surfing the internet, I feel a tickle on my sandal-clad naked heel. I look down and THERE IS A ROACH ON MY BARE FOOT!!!!!!!! Luckily I am the only one in the office right now, or I'm sure my coworkers would have thought I was being attacked by wildcats or something. A few minutes later (after a tearful phone call to my husband), I get up to go to the ladies room, and there is ANOTHER ONE near death behind my chair.

Now, you may tell me, "Jody, this one was at least in its death throws. That has to be some comfort." But you would be wrong. The only way I can be in the same room with a roach is if I don't lay eyes on it. Putting to work my ninja skills, I finished this one off with a broom. Isn't there some sort of hazard pay I'm entitled to for this? Can I use my sick leave to go home and sterilize my foot and drink a bottle of wine to calm my nerves? At least can we fire the company that sprays for bugs here?

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Krissynae said...

Oh my goodness. I am the same way with roaches, palmetto bugs and Spiders. I end up hurting myself to get away. I am suprise you did not have a heart attack.

Janet said...

YUCK!!! I would be completely freaked out by that, too! said...

Love the site...thanks for the friend invite.

Heather said...

Eeeew! We don't have these too much here but other kinds of vermin, which I detest as much as you do the roaches!