Friday, August 22, 2008

My Newest Obsession

I have decided that I officially want a Wii.   What does a 32 year old woman with one husband, one cat, no children, and an XBOX 360 system belonging to said husband want with a Wii, you might ask?  I'm asking myself the same thing.  I mean, between working full time, running A Wonderful World, keeping house, providing food for said husband and kitty, etc. etc., it's not like I'd have time to play with it.  And the money, quite frankly, could be put to more appropriate uses, like a responsible adult should.
But I keep hearing how neat the Wii Fit is, and I would like to shake up my workout routine.  Of who am I kidding?  I'd just like to HAVE a workout routine.  And seeing this litte guy brings back all of those nostalgic moments playing for hours with my little sister during my teenage years, beating the pants off her 9 year old butt.  Ahh, good times, good times.
It doesn't help matters that my husband wants every piece of electronics mentioned on cnet, and can list reasons a mile long of why and how I can get the Wii.  So in the end I will probably break down and buy it.  And feel guilty about it.  And probably sell it on ebay in a year after I'm bored with it.  Sigh.

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TC said...

My hubby loves it!! He plays it all of the time. Although the Wii Fit "game" kinda fell to the side. I can definitely say those $$ were wasted. But he likes the golf and bowling the best. The Wii keeps him entertained for hours! Yippy!!