Friday, August 29, 2008

Calm before the storm

I had planned to blog today about my complete giddiness over the start of college football, and to wish my beloved Crimson Tide the best against Clemson Saturday night in prime time.  However, Mother Nature had other plans. You see the text up there that says 2AM Tuesday?  That's me, living under that text.  We're used to hurricanes here on the Gulf Coast, but boy are they a hassle.  As you can see, there's still a great deal of uncertainty about where Hurricane Gustav will end up, what size it will be, and how it will effect us.  It is a weird thing, knowing the damage a storm can cause, but at the same time hoping that that damage will be inflicted a few hundred miles east or west of you so you don't take a direct hit.  Then sending supplies and helping hands to those same folks in the aftermath.

As a result of the impending storm, some operations at A Wonderful World may be interrupted in the next week.  If our power is knocked out for some period of time, shipping will be delayed.  (For a frame of reference, our power was out for a full week after Katrina, and a couple of days after Ivan).  Notepads are still on sale through Sunday the 31st, but if I have problems with computer access, I will continue to honor the discount on orders placed until I can update the prices.  I will apologize in advance for any delays or problems, and at the same time hope that there will be no delays or problems. 

Having lived down here all of my life, I have been through many storms, and tend to take things in stride.  Having said that, I do ask you to keep the Gulf Coast in your thoughts.  Today also happens to be the third anniversary of Katrina.  The pictures you have seen in New Orleans pale in comparison to the utter destruction that occurred in southern Mississippi and Alabama, and these people are still trying to get back to a normal life. Here's to hoping that it doesn't happen again for a long time.

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